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Indiana ProClean has the best tile and grout cleaning service in the Bloomington area. Tile cleaning is hard work. We are ready, willing and able to get the job done for all your grout and tile cleaning needs.

Years of Experience Cleaning Tile & Grout

Our company is fully bonded, insured, and is backed with years of tile cleaning experience guaranteed to make your tile and grout clean and shiny.

We clean porcelain mosaic tile, ceramic tile, terracotta tile, quarry tile and saltillo tile. Our staff is friendly and approachable, they will discuss with you the best cleaning method and solution appropriate for the type of tile and grouting material in your home or business.


Indiana ProClean is committed to provide cleaning solutions without doing any harm to your tiles and grout. Most cleaning solutions today are very harsh, they can eat away your tile and grout over time or damage its surface directly. Our experts will determine the type of tile you are using and the proper treatment that we can do to prevent future damage and discoloration to keep tile and grout looking beautiful years to come.

We highly recommend our steam cleaning service. This method includes the use of very hot water to clean unsealed or unglazed tiles and remove any stains that have set in beneath the surface. This is a very effective and entirely safe cleaning solution for tile and grout without using cleaning solutions or chemicals.

If your tile and grout work looks dull, call Indiana ProClean today. Your time is valuable. Let the professionals clean do your tile cleaning and grout cleaning. Our experienced cleaning technicians use of state-of-the-art cleaning machines and techniques. We can restore the beauty of the tiled areas in your home and business. Trust only the best in tile and grout cleaning company in Indiana.


Indiana ProClean wants to help maintain your newly cleaned tile and grout in between professional cleanings.

Balancing the pH levels of cleaning solutions is very important. Our experts know which solution is best on the material they are cleaning. Knowing if your solution is acid or alkaline is not enough. Knowing whether it can damage the grout cement and sealant layer of your tiled area is a key consideration. Vinegar mixed with water is a common and economical household cleaning agent, but is it safe? Grout containing cement and including alkaline tile materials may react with vinegar which is acidic. The best course of action is to find a pH balanced cleaner which will not eat away your grout or tile over time. Be wary of those specially formulated cleaners that promise to remove those dark stains from tile and grout. Most of them are very strong and can cause damage to the materials used in your tile and grout.

We know that you will love your clean tile and grout after we clean. We have been providing excellent cleaning service to many customers in and around Bloomington, Indiana for over 18 years. We hope to serve you by giving your house the restoration you have always wanted.

Call Indiana ProClean today at (812) 337-5000 for all of your tile and grout cleaning needs.

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