Rug Cleaning Service

Indiana ProClean provides professional rug cleaning service for all types of rugs including Persian, antique, silk, wool, or braided rugs.  Indiana ProClean’s team of bonded & insured rug cleaners offers free delivery and pick-up of rugs.

Bloomington Rug Cleaning

Our Bloomington Rug Cleaning Service includes the following:
    1. Initial Inspection
      Our cleaners will inspect your rug thoroughly. This examination helps us identify the problem and the proper cleaning method that is needed for your rug. It also helps identify different problem areas such as weak areas and stains, so that we can take the necessary steps to protect your rug during the cleaning process.
    1. Dusting & Dry Soil Removal
      We make use of the latest cleaning equipment and technology to remove large amounts of dust and soil from your rugs. This method is far superior to a household vacuum.
    1. Rug Washing
      Your rug will be thoroughly washed by Indiana ProClean using our special rug cleaning products. We will remove hard-to-remove dirt, odor and stains safely from your rug. Our special rug cleaning products are biodegradable and are 100% organic. We completely rinse your carpet to ensure that all traces of the cleaning products are removed.
    1. Rug Drying & Grooming
      To ensure that your rugs will dry in the shortest amount of time, we have invested in specialized drying equipment. This equipment shortens the drying time without the risk of rippling or shrinking. The fringe and rug pile will also be groomed for the finest appearance.
  1. Final Inspection
    Indiana ProClean will do a final inspection of your rug before being wrapped up for delivery.
Indiana ProClean Cleans the Following Types of Rug:
  • Antique Rugs
  • Modern Rugs
  • Area and Oriental Rugs
  • Silk, Wool and Cotton Rugs
  • Shag, Tibetan, Braided, Jute and Gabbeh, Persian and Turking Rugs
  • Outdoor, Kitchen and Bathroom Rugs
  • Handmade Rugs
  • Machine Made Rugs

Indiana Pro Clean has a 100% satisfaction guarantee and is equipped with superior rug cleaning equipment to ensure the best rug cleaning service possible.

Get a free estimate today for rug cleaning and carpet cleaning services simply by calling (812) 337-5000. For the convenience of our customers, we accept the following payment options – VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover payment options as well as checks.

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