Pet Odor and Stain Removal

pet odor and pet stain removal

Certified by the IICRC in Pet Odor Control and Stain Elimination

One of the most challenging situations for carpet cleaning professionals are homes with pets. Indiana ProClean has been certified by the IICRC in Pet Odor Control and Stain Elimination. Your home and floors are in good hands. For your benefit, we offer various treatment methods to clean and sanitize your carpets from any odor causing bacteria.  Loyal pet owners and their pets can now enjoy their indoor environment without worrying about permanent odors and stains due to a simple pet problem.


There are many commercially known products available at local stores.  However, using these products without the benefit of proper and complete extraction can create an unhealthy environment.   Indiana ProClean first identifies the extent of a pet odor problem. We then use safe and effective products to disinfect the contaminated area and remove pet stains.   This  professional process that will not cause odor and discoloration to your carpet or flooring.


You can rest assured that Indiana ProClean only uses the best and safest commercial grade products to get the job done.  Take the first step, call Indiana ProClean today at (812) 337-5000 and our experienced technicians will make your home look clean and smell even cleaner.

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