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We here at Indiana Proclean do not believe there is a “secret to success.” The secret has been out for a long time: “Make the customer happy by all means necessary.” We do not just claim it, we mean it! We’re not happy until the customer is happy!

Some things we do different from other carpet cleaning companies:
  1. We are a debt free company which means we do not price debt into our quotes. We did this on purpose because we do not believe that customers should be responsible for debt.
  2. We do not try to hard-sell any other product or service.
  3. Some carpet cleaners have gotten away from agitation of the cleaning solution, but Indiana ProClean finds this step necessary.
  4. We do not charge for regular spot removal; after all, isn’t that why you called a carpet cleaner in the first place? *Some spots such as large coffee spills, gum, soft drink spills, and/or an abundance of spots may require a small charge; otherwise, normal spots are free of charge.
  5. We use a pH balancing rinse which many carpet cleaners have gotten away from. This step is crucial in removal of the cleaning product as to not leave you with a sticky residue.
  6. Our technicians will take the time to do the job right the first time. Read Our Unconditional Guarantee.

Best of all… “We love our job!”

My name is B.J. Ross. My wife and I started Indiana ProClean as a family owned and operated company with over 18 years of cleaning experience. During those years, I took a 4-year break to serve the country in the U.S. Marine Corps where I learned attention to detail and the importance of serving others with uncompromising detail. Today that attention to detail is the foundation of our business, providing customers with the best possible service available on the market.

In recent years my wife and I took notice to the gradual breakdown in the meaning of customer service, so we made a promise to bring back the customer service from past generations. After much preparation, planning, and saving, we were able to start this business and are committed to serving our customers with hands-on, personal service one at a time.

Experience and dedication are the fundamentals of our desire to serve our customers. The way we see it, we’re not just in the carpet-cleaning business, we’re in the “people business”, as well.


B. J. Ross

Owner & President

Indiana ProClean

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Mon-Sun: 8:00AM - 5:00PM

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